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System Part 2: Clickup

System Part 2: Clickup In this section we’re going to set up the Clickup template. It’s pretty straightforward and I have some video tutorials for things I think you should know. If you’re new to Clickup, don’t be overwhelmed by it. It can do a million things but we’re only going to use it for…

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System Part 1: Google Drive

How my Google Drive is set up. Note: Make sure that your people are all just added to the main folder (Social Content Drive.) Then everyone will have everything they need access to.  

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Welcome to the Social Content System! This is going to blow your mind. We’ve figured out a way to make your content repurposing process SUPER straightforward. If you want your assistant or team member to manage this, they can. If you want to DIY, you can.  This video shows you where to find things and…

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