Here are your Canva links for the 100 templates. We’re so excited for you!

Click the underlined links below to open up Canva. You’ll need to set up a FREE Canva account (or use your existing account.)

There are 4 types of Authority Content Templates, and they’re divided into the categories below. Each one contains 25+ templates, each with a blank version for you to make your own.

At any time, you can come back here and re-import any of the categories from this area. Simply click the yellow link, and then click the “Use as Template” button in Canva – and voila, they’ll all be available on the next screen.

[Please note: This is Version1: The Concepts. The designs aren’t perfect yet, but the concepts are sound. In Version 2 all the designs will be redone and updated, and you will be notified by email.)

 1. Personal/Values Content (<— click link to open)

This is the content that shows your potential clients that you’re a real human! These can be funny, silly or meaningful… values content especially is where you take a stand for an issue you care about.

2. Quotes/Promo Content (<— click link to open)

This content shows off how much of an authority you are on your topic. Promos, features and other things in this category help people to see you as the go to expert, and the more they see this, the more you position yourself that way in their minds.

3. Bridging Content (<— click link to open)

The other types of content on here are great, and will help you get clients to know, like and trust you, but I created the concept of Bridging Content to get them from “oh that’s nice” to “hey I need this.” It’s things like testimonials, case studies, and featured clients. You can even run a retargeting ad to this type of content to remind people how legit you are 😉

4. Concept/Framework Content (<— click link to open)

This is usually a little harder to put together than throwing up some quotes or media features, because OFTEN (not always) you don’t have a bunch of frameworks sitting around. Maybe you have a few. Well, this content is awesome to TEACH things to your potential clients. For example, when I help people get speaking gigs, I teach the 6 P’s. Person, Prospect, Positioning, Problem, Pitch, Product.

There are a ton of really great graphics in this category and I’ve also given you ideas for different ways to use each one.

Remember the 4 rules of the ACTs.

Work with confidence

Make them your own

Batch when you’re in the zone

Have fun!

The next video modules will show you more about how to use these templates (the ACTs, as we like to call them) and you can see how to make these templates YOURS – unique and remarkable. Don’t just use our basic designs, these are built for you to experiment with!


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