Sprint 1: Get on the Content Rocket!

Welcome to the Content Glow Up! 

Make sure you’ve done all these things first:

  1. Join my Discord Server (this server is new but I’m excited about it as a community tool. The Facebook group is here. I understand that most people aren’t into Discord yet and mine is very new, but it’s a good place to find me 1-1.)
  2. Check your email for logins (any issues, contact support@powercreativemedia.com)
  3. Access Content Vault below
  4. Watch the videos in this section

Just by doing this sprint, you’ll be miles ahead of where you were last week.

Section 2: Where to find everything


 Watch this video to learn where you’ll find everything, how to complete it and also how timing works. This is a 3 month program and it will work if you stick to the plan.


Section 3: The Content Vault

Introducing the Content Vault: Get your existing content set up and organized here. Photos, graphics, podcasts, testimonials… it’s all going to live here.

One of the key pieces to having an effective content system is to be able to find what you need quickly.

  1. Download the Content Vault/Make a copy
  2. Create a folder in your Google Drive (Mine’s inside “Marketing”) called Content Vault
  3. Put this sheet into that folder
  4. Create other folders inside that folder called Testimonials, Blog Posts, Bigtime Content, Graphics, Memes, Gifs and Photos
  5. Now you have one folder with all those things in it. When you go to add the links to the Vault, you’ll have all the folders there, easily accessible.

Where to find content?

Firstly, if you don’t think you have much content, I’ll show you how to create Pillar content later in this program – for now, your job is to find everything you have.

Content is like air… it’s all around you. Trust me, you have more than you think.

Ways to find more content:

-Look up every podcast interview you’ve ever done. Find the link on Itunes or Spotify or Stitcher or wherever it is. The best thing to do is download it and keep it in your google folders.

-Have you ever done a live video talking about your product? Find it and download it. Add it to your drive. (You can add to Bigtime content or create a new folder called “FB Live” or whatever it is.)

-Have you been featured on any publications, guest posts or been mentioned on someone’s blog? If you can’t use the whole thing, paste the mention and a link on a doc inside your “Bigtime” folder.

-Have you ever done a talk, or a Zoom interview or presentation? Grab the recording, (find it!) and put it in your Bigtime folder.

-Testimonials are content! (And sometimes the best content.) Go to your phone or email and get screenshots of ANYONE who has said you’ve helped them, that your program was good, that you are great, whatever you can find. Don’t worry about blurring out the names for now etc, this is about finding everything you can. Videos, audio messages, whatever. Put them in the testimonial folder!

-What blog posts have you written? LinkedIN articles? Emails to your list? Long Facebook posts? What kind of written content can you find? I like to add individual posts to individual Google docs inside my “written content” folder, and name each one.

-What kinds of memes have you made? Gifs? (If you haven’t got any of your own yet, there’s a bonus section in here where I’ll show you how to make them and give you a bunch that are ready for you to make your own.)

-What kinds of graphics do you have? Alllllll your Canva graphics with quotes, with designs, with promos, with different graphics you use for your branding, promo images, everything. Everything that you can find.

-Lastly, no one can ever find their headshots or good photos. Make sure you have them handy, in your photos folder, preferably without a background (easily removed in Canva) but however you like.

The idea here is that you feel confident about what you’re starting with, whatever that is.

So you can always find and access stuff going forward. Please make a copy of this document.

Downloads: The Content Vault (Google Doc) Click here to download


Section 4: Where to find support

This is a pretty new product and we’re always adding to it and making it better. If you see anything that doesn’t work properly or anything you think should be added, please let us know! support@powercreativemedia.com