Sprint 3: Amped Profile Funnels

Welcome to Sprint 3!

Section 1: The Equilateral Framework

This is probably the one that people get the most caught up in.

That’s because our human brains don’t want to do anything imperfectly – especially when it comes to how people see us.

Social media is still a huge opportunity for organic growth and reach.

There are 3 parts to the equilateral framework. (Imagine that!) These all make up the 3 parts to your best social asset: profile funnels. (If you haven’t heard of the term before, it means using your social media profiles as funnels to attract your dream clients, and bring them into your ecosystem.

These are:





So let’s get started with your messaging. 

Section 2: Messaging (and examples!)

First we want to make sure your messaging is CLEAR. 

If you already have this, you can skip ahead. If it needs work still, stick around.

We’re going to come up with a social media bio, if you don’t already have one, that will do three things:

  1. Attract your ideal customer

      2. Repel your non ideal customer

      3. Make you look legit

It’s easy to come up with these social bios. All you need to do is tell your specific audience, what you can do for them, in the shortest, clearest way possible.

These usually have a predictable structure:

“I help AUDIENCE with PROBLEM, without OBSTACLE”

You can replace “without obstacle” with “in TIMEFRAME” if you like, or change up how it’s written.

For example, my normal bio is “I help entrepreneurs create more content in less time” or “I’ll turn your book into 1000 pieces of social media content, while you do something else.” You don’t need just. one bio, but for now, especially if you didn’t have one before, just choose the best one you can for now.

When. you’ve got one that works (and I like to throw some emojis on for good measure,) the next part is to figure out what your main CTA will be. (Call to action.)

This will go on your cover photo/s and some other places, like your description on Youtube or your bio on Instagram…. there’s always places for it, where your audience can see it.

This CTA needs two things, a HOOK and a LINK.

That’s it. Tell them what you’ve got that will help them, and tell them where they can get it.



Section 3: Visuals

Next, we’ll make sure you have visuals! 

We are all at different stages here.Some of you have a logo and colors and photos that you’re happy with for now – go ahead and use those.

Some people are just starting out or are “mid changing the brand” (you’d be surprised how many people stay stuck here for MONTHS and years…)

Whatever. You don’t NEED a logo, so if you don’t have one, proceed without one. You need two or three brand colors. You need a photo of your face.

Now, if you don’t have a designer, here’s a hack: Just pick two or three colors and call it a day. (Or email us and my team can come up with something simple for you, to get the ball rolling.)

This isn’t meant to be your ultimate branding forever, but if you don’t want to deal with this right now and want to move forward, we can have your social platforms looking fire and your content to match.

The key thing to remember here is CONSISTENCY.

The reason we want this to be consistent is for brand awareness. If something has different colors on it or a different logo or just is different – it’s confusing to people so they don’t recognize it and they forget it. If they see the same branding over and over, it connects in their brains and eventually they start to recognize it.

Then you’re someone they’ve heard of! Which is great progress, right?

Section 3: Location

Then we’re going to take the brand assets we have and go to our 1-4 platforms (whatever you chose earlier) to make sure they’re all consistent.

That means:

  1. Updating all bios to new social bio (with emojis) See downloads below.

      2. Making sure the latest few posts are branded and relevant

      3. Deleting anything that doesn’t fit with how you want to be seen. 

(And later, adding new content.) But for now, let’s just get these puppies set up.



Downloads: Amped Profile Funnels (Per Platform)