Sprint 4: Cornerstone Content

Now your profiles are all ready to point people where you want them to go, we need content.

This sprint is all about creating the main type of content that your audience needs in order to become problem aware and solution aware.

We have two types of content here: Cornerstone Content and Baseline Content

Section 1: Cornerstone Content

Somtimes I call this Fortress content. Fortress = the content you need to protect yourself from going insane. It’s things that people CONSTANTLY ask or things they CONSTANTLY get wrong. This way, when you get asked things, you can tag people in this content so you don’t have to explain things over and over. 

Also, this content is good for explaining what you do, and how it works. 

I would make one piece of fortress content for each of your platforms. And pin the one you think is the best, to the top if you can.

We have 10 example Fortress pieces of content here that we’ll create:

  1. What do you do? Why is it important?
  2. Who is a good fit to work with you?
  3. Who is not a good fit to work with you?
  4. What’s the most commonly asked question you get?
  5. What are 1-3 myths that people have about your industry?
  6. How did you get started with this business?
  7. What’s one awesome case study from a client? 
  8. What are most people doing wrong in your industry?
  9. What are 3 really awesome benefits people usually see from working with you?
  10. What usually stops people from working with you, and how can they overcome that fear?

End these all with CTA’s to your landing page or link.


Section 2: Baseline Content

Baseline content is what we had inside the Content Matrix. 

All different variety of content to explain usually those same concepts or micro concepts in different ways. You’ll post daily on your main platform, and possibly your secondary platform. This is the best place to start.

Section 3: Lead Driver Frameworks

These are frameworks that have worked for me. I’ve made them into a doc so that I can easily keep them updated. This doc will be available on 10th December.

In the meantime, here are three frameworks just to get you started:

A vs B – best ways to get engagement

This is an easy way to get engagement in your group or on your profile. It can be run as a literal post. (“would you rather A. Be eaten by sharks or B. Trampled by elephants?”) or as a YES/NO in Instagram stories, or even asked at the end of videos as a call to action to get comments.

How to use Polls to your advantage

There is an easy way to do polls in Insta stories, but anywhere not on stories I prefer to ask – especially on Facebook or LinkedIn.  The reason is, if you use a normal poll on Facebook, people answer it and you don’t get notified. So,  the way I do it is to write a post saying “What workshop would you rather learn? 1. Content Strategy 2. Profile Funnels 3. Content Systems”

And people will COMMENT and the commenting has the algorithm drive more views.

“Best Of” for December content

This is the easiest thing to do if you are going on holiday or if you need to pull some content from nowhere. Like, December is a great time to do this. Just search through your most popular posts of the last 12 months and find the top 30 posts. And just repost them every day with #bestof2021. Boom, 30 days of content.

Please see the google doc for more frameworks.