Hey there!

More resources are being added here! These are all things that help me with my social media marketing. Enjoy!

Thrivecart: the best for taking payments, making sales pages and checkouts and now you can even deliver courses on it! This is my preferred tool, if I could go back and start again I’d just set everything up with Thrivecart 🙂 Best of all, it’s only a one time payment. It’s amazing! Click here for the deal.

Clickup: Listen, this is my favorite thing for systems. It’s so versatile! Hard to describe really, but if you’re still manually assigning new client work to your team, or have anything repeatable, just set it up in Clickup and it will work automatically. Once you get your head around it, it’s incredible. Check it out at

Canva: Amazing tool for creating really quick graphics. (Don’t get fixated though or you’ll be in there forever.) If you have Canva you can get our Authority Content Templates, which are built in there and easily changeable and downloadable. Check it out at

Descript: This is the best thing for repurposing your content into smaller pieces (especially videos and audios.)